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Aye Yai Yai! Do you have a marketplace lan and are you turning 65 soon? Listen up!!!

If you have a marketplace plan and you are turning 65 soon or maybe you already turned 65... get your medicare all set up.  If you delay your medicare enrollment you might have a huge gap in coverage in the future. THE RISKS YOU RUN Your carrier may find out that you're eligible for Medicare and they may not pay claims. If you try to apply for another marketplace plan you will no longer be eligible. You will have to apply for Medicare during the General Enrollment Period (GEP) which is every year from January 1 - March 31. Your Medicare wont be until July 1 and you will have a gap in coverage from January 1 - June 30. Some carriers who offer GAP coverage will no longer offer you coverage because you are now 65 years of age. DON'T DELAY YOUR MEDICARE ENROLLMENT Make an appointment with your local Social Security office to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B or enroll online at Call us at 800-808-0208 to find out your Medicare supplement options

What Will Happen to the ACA with the New Administration in Congress

So much has happened but so little has been accomplished.  I’m not going to talk about opinions I’m just going to present some facts as of today because I have very little brain cells left and I want them to last me till I’m 100 years old. This republican congress will likely never be able to repeal the ACA entirely.  That’s because in order to repeal a law you need a super majority vote in the senate.  That means 60 votes are needed to vote repeal which they currently do not have and it’s highly unlike for 8 democrats to vote repeal. Unless the republicans can win those 8 seats in this upcoming 2018 midterm elections the ACA is not getting repealed any time soon. So what’s been going on with all the noise in congress?  What’s up with all the bills and acronyms being thrown around in congress lately. All those bill and acronyms being thrown around are what you call reconciliation bills.  These bills are budget related bills that can pass with a simple majority which they do have

What type of income is counted on your marketplace ( application?

Are you doing your marketplace ( application soon? Know what type of income is counted toward your eligibility for Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC). Open Enrollment will be November 1 through December 15 this year We have a shorter period of enrollment.  Be prepared before you dive in.  Contact us today. Resources: Health Reform Beyond The Basics Healthcare

Manhattan Dental

Who wants to talk about Dental Insurance?  I do!  We have the best product for major services! Manhattan Life Dental. Here are some bullet points on why Manhattan Life Dental has the best and most comprehensive plan around. Quick Glance Go to any dentist you want. No network you have to use!  Manhattan can pay the dentist directly if he submits the claims or you can submit for reimbursement. They reimburse off of the  actual charges! Not just a dental plan.  Has hearing and vision benefits! Great for Medicare eligible! Low monthly premium. No waiting period for basic services (cleaning, fillings, and other) Watch the video above to hear me talk more about the dental plan. Sign up today.  Click here Click on this  link  to view the brochure. If you wish to speak to one of our licensed agents in your area click this  link  and fill out the contact form and we will call you within the hour.